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February and 3 Books

I am looking out my window and the sun is shining and for that I am so grateful.  Actually, the last couple of days we have been blessed with sun shine.  I won't mention it is freezing because I will take the sun shine any day over the drab grey days and rain.  Somehow though I feel weepy.  Maybe it is because I stayed up really late finishing a book.  Maybe feeling a little sorry for myself because this single parent thing sucks.  I have a total appreciation now for wives who send their husband off for deployment. We always think about the men and the sacrifice they make protecting our country, but behind many of those men are amazing woman holding down the fort. Just incase you are reading this blog for the first time I am not really a single parent; however, my husband is back in the states working while I am in Germany finishing out the school year with my children. We moved to Germany to be closer to my husbands family and for the children to learn German. Maybe I am weepy th…

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