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Upper Duden Waterfalls Turkey

Hi!  How are you?  Hope you had a good week.  As I might have mentioned the children have fall break here in Germany.  It is a two week break.  We flew to Antalya, Turkey which wasn't ever really on my radar or on my bucket list, but my husband and I wanted to go somewhere that was warm as winter is just around the corner.  Germans have been flying to the Turkish Riveria for years, but in recent years due to concerns of safty tourism to this area has declined.  We never felt unsafe and infact the security at the airport was even better than at the Frankfurt Airport. I have to say at first I was a little skeptical of going to Turkey.  Sure, I have wanted to go to Istanbul for years, but Belek which is just an hour east of Antalya not really.  I am not really one to just sit by the pool or the the beach all day.  I love going out and exlporing my surroundings; however, I was so wrong.  It was one of the best vacations we ever had. We stayed in a really nice resort which I will intro…

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