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Nuremberg Part 2

There is so much more to see in Nuremberg beside the Christmas Market.  Sadly this city has a pretty shady history most recently known for it's role in WWII.  Nuremberg was seen as the quientessential German city and therefore played a huge role in much of the Nazi propaganda; especially, the films.  It goes beyond that though in that Nuremberg was a predominately Nazi stronghold. When we were planning our trip I suggested that we visit the Nazi Documentation Center and Congress Hall.  My husband was not so thrilled about the idea as he didn't feel like it fit with the Christmas theme of the day.  He also feels a great deal of shame for what his forefathers did during the war. Yes, going to the Christmas market and going to the this museum don't really go together, but not knowing when we will have a chance to go back to Nuremberg I knew we needed to go if for anything else but to acknowledge that the war really did take place. The documentation center focuses on how Hitle…

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